Unicorn World: Proud to be Weird

When life gets you into a weird situation .... be weird. I struggled a lot thru June ... and things keep running away from me I really need a some good news !!!!

Save the Sample

hi everyone we are in the last friday of the month!!!! This means that is time for this month Scientific/Veterinary comics or cartoons!  It was awesome to do this one is dedicated to the pathologist of my heart that get samples of all kinds in all kinds of containers. You guys are awesome! Thank you for all your hard work! Let's save all samples! 

Unicorn World: The Fellowship

hi everyone! I hope you like this month unicorn world's cartoon! The fellowship of the unicorns! Thank you all for your visits! I'll have more news for you soon! If you like this cartoon share the blog with your friends!

Summer Updat!

Hi!!!! As promised I'm improving some of the old cartoons! I'm also planning to starting a new scientific illustration! In the end of this week I'll bring you this month cartoon on the subject Unicorn World! Untill then! Enjoy this improvment and tell me what you think!

The tick fever paradox

The last friday of May pass through me and I didn't notice it! I actually took a wisdom tooth and I completely forgot. Also my home town had a huge party and it was awesome for many friends came to visit! Ah... So right now I honor one of those friends! Actually Inês Santiago! That gave me this idea for the subject Veterinary / Scientific! Thank you to all of my friends!

DDC: Potato-dragon

This is the last DDC for now! That's right Death, the dead and the Cat will go on summer vacations! If you haven't seen my video you should really check it out so that you can get a quick update on what's going to happen in the next months!  [Watch Video Now] More news coming out soon!

What's for the Summer? !

If you follow my work this video is for you! 
This video is also the proof that I'm managing just fine....

DDC : Hang

hi everyone! 
I hope this is the start of a great week! I hope you have time to appreciate this comic page about the Dead, the Dead and a Cat! I have some news that I want to share but this weekend was crazy! I'll try to deliver them thru the week.


First of all congratulations to Portugal on wining the Eurovision Music contest. It was awesome... second I do know I haven't mad a drawing of Sobral singing and many artistes did it... it's not like I'm not proud I'm just really tired... and I don't have time for a day job + a weekly comic page schedule + 2 monthly drawings + random commissions + Making drawings commenting  recent events like Sobral wining the eurovision... I'll make the drawing but not now! It'll came! Oh! did I mention that I can only manage such deeds because you guys are really awesome and really supportive in the social media like facebook? But please help me reach more people by sharing my blog with your friends! Thank you all! As always I hope you have a great week and if you are sad because it's Monday just think about unicorns and pizza! 

DDC : Anvil

Yesterday was May 8th but was also monday! Because I didn't want you lose this awesome DDC comic page in the middle of all those donkeys I decided to post the DDC weekly cartoon today! I hope you like it! I tried a new style! What do you think? Should I return to the previous font and balloon design? Or are you surprised in a good way!? Let me know please!
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